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Information for NPSA Councilors 

The following documents are in support of council activities, such as council executive sessions and committee meetings. They are posted in descending order.

Council Meeting Calendar 2020

January 31 - Council meeting teleconference

March 2 - Council meeting teleconference

May 1 - Annual Meeting Committee via Zoom

May 28 - Council Meeting, via Zoom 16:00 (4:00 pm) PST

August 31 - Council meeting via Zoom, 18:00 (6:00 pm) PST

November 2 - Council meeting via Zoom, 18:00 (6:00 pm) PST

Council Meeting Documents 2020

November 2 Meeting (6:00 pm PST, Zoom)

NPSA Council Meeting Minutes 11-2-20.pdf

NPSA Executive Council Agenda 11-2-20.pdf

NPSA Key Dates 2020-21 rev 10-15-20.pdf


August 31 Meeting (6:00 pm PST, Zoom)

NPSA Council Meeting Minutes 8-31-20.pdf

NPSA Executive Council Agenda 8-31-20.pdf

NPSA Key Dates 2020 rev 8-26-20.pdf

NPSA_Annual_Meeting_Budget_Worksheet rev 8-26-20.pdf


May 28 meeting:

NPSA Council Minutes May 28, 2020.pdf

NPSA Executive Council Agenda 5-28-2020.pdf

NPSA Key Dates 2020.pdf

Snapshot NPSA Annual Meeting 2020 rev 5-27-20.pdf

NPSA strategic planning initiatives worksheet 5-4-20.docx

NPSA Key Dates 2020 rev 5-27-20.pdf

March 2 meeting:


NPSA Financial Memo Ken Gow 2-28-20.pdf

North Pacific Surgical Association Bylaws Changes Summary 4-1-2020.pdf

NPSA Executive Council Minutes 1-31-2020.pdf

Council Meeting Documents 2019


2019 NPSA Sec Treasurer Report 11-7-19.pdf

2019 NPSA Recorder Report 11-7-19.pdf

NPSA Executive Council Minutes 4-15-19.pdf


Below: NPSA Councilors at the Council Meeting in Boise, ID 2018.
Councilors and guests are invited to dinner the night before the annual meeting.
The dinner follows with an executive session. 

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