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Abstract Presenter Instructions

Order of Presentation

A spreadsheet will be posted that shows the abstracts in order of presentation. It also will list discussants and closers. Stay tuned.

Abstract Presenter Instructions and American Journal of Surgery Submission

Abstracts are spaced 15 minutes apart with spacing for presentation, discussion and closing as follows:

  • Slides: 10 min
  • Discussant / Q&A: 3 minutes
  • Closer: 1 minute
  • Transition: 1 minute
Suggestions for slides (Put on thumb drive for AV staff to load up):
  • 1 slide: identify problem and background
  • 1 slide: state objective of study
  • 1 slide: identify patient selection
  • 1 slide: state methods of data collection
  • 1 slide: main outcome result
  • 1 slide: secondary outcome result
  • 1 slide: state conclusions

There will be 3 minutes for discussion and Q and A. Comments are also strictly timed to cutoff at 3 min with a 1 minute warning. Presenters are prescheduled during one of four two hour sessions.  Two moderators will field questions live with the abstract presenter during a 3 minute period after presentation.

American Journal of Surgery Submission

This year you will be submitting your paper directly online to the American Journal of Surgery (AJS). You will be receiving an e-mail invitation to submit your paper from the AJS online submission system called “EVISE”, along with directions on how to submit and respond to editorial input on line. This invitation will arrive this week, and the paper will need be submitted just before the meeting. Failure to submit your manuscript may result in removal from the NPSA meeting program, so please make sure your manuscript is submitted by the deadline. 

In the meantime, please begin preparing your paper. As always, the paper should be prepared according the directions for Affiliated Societies, which are available on-line on the AJS homepage or in the back of each issue of the AJS.

This year we are striving to stay within our page restrictions, so that everyone’s paper can get published. To do this we need to keep our submissions as concise as possible. We are striving for papers no longer than 4 pages of journal length (approx 15 pages of text, references, and tables/figures). Here are some guidelines for keeping your paper concise:

Tips for writing a concise (4 journal pages) paper for the American Journal of Surgery (AJS):

  • Title: no more than 15 words.
  • Authors: No more than 6. All must have contributed to both paper and study. Eliminate, e.g. mentors who did not contribute to both, statisticians who did not contribute to both, people who only reviewed manuscript, surgeons who provided patients but no other input, etc. Put these people in a short sentence of acknowledgement at the end of the text.
  • Abstract: 250 words or less-strictly enforced!
  • Intro: 1 or 2 paragraphs that quickly get to why study was done.
  • Methods: whenever possible refer to, rather than reiterate, previously published methods, instruments, etc.
  • Results: Reduce text by putting data in text and figures-use Results section to refer to data trends shown in tables and figures. In short, when it comes to data, text should not be redundant with tables and figures.
  • Comments: Six or seven paragraphs max. Suggested outline: 1. What the study showed (1 paragraph); 2. How a few key findings support or contradict what is already published (2-3 paragraphs-1 for each key point); 3. Limitations of the study (if appropriate; 1 paragraph max); 4. Implications/Future plans (1 paragraph).
  • References: limit to 40 references. Use AJS references whenever possible-this raises the Journal’s impact factor.
  • Tables and Figures: No duplication with text. “Boil down” tables-remove all extraneous words and symbols. Use as few photos as possible to make the point.

Whova - our Official Event App

This event is powered by Whova. Download the app on your phone (find in your app store) or run the app in your browser. All who register will receive an email prompting you to download the app so you can:

  • See the agenda
  • Message other people
  • Post pictures
  • Ask questions of speakers
  • Download abstracts and other information
  • Any sessions that are being run virtually will have a webinar link visible on the agenda in Whova

Below: Pics from recent NPSA Annual Meetings. Robust participation from NPSA members is a key part of our scientific presentations. Left, Dr. John Mayberry at the  meeting in Boise. Right, Lecture theatre, Victoria Conference Centre.

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