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NPSA Members & Candidates: Looking for help with your paper?

NPSA mentors are willing to help students, residents, and other surgeons in the development of and collaboration on research projects intended for presentation at North Pacific Surgical Association meetings.

Here are mentors who have volunteered so far.


1. David Beatty, MD

2. Chris de Gara, MD

3. John Mayberry, MD

4. Martin Schreiber, MD

5. John Vetto, MD

6. Kenneth Gow, MD

7. Shahzeer Karmali, MD

8. John B. Kortbeek MD

9. P. Terry Phang, MD

10. Lee Swanstrom, MD

11. Sam Wiseman, MD


1. Surgical Oncology

2. Medical Education, Clinical Outcomes, Clinical Bariatrics, Surgical Dogma

3. Trauma/Acute Care Surgery

4. Trauma/Acute Care Surgery

5. Surgical Oncology

6. Pediatric General Surgery

7. Bariatric surgery

8. Trauma systems, triage, trauma diagnostics, trauma outcomes, Education

9. Colorectal

10. GI Surgery

11. Thyroid, parathyroid

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